This boy gets around town like a stray hound.  Nah mean?

I got my handles installed on all sorts of machines.

You want to turn my knobs and twiddle my levers?
You want to beat on my buttons and digest my output?

Come and get it.

The Developer

You know git down at the hub.

Bit I usually keep fluid at the bucket.

I got nothing to be proud of on npm, but you never know what I might produce.

I’m sure I’ve got some others, but I’m spacing at the moment, so we’ll just leave this thread hanging loose.

The Socialite

Do you want to vomit your emotions in a socially acceptable setting with me.  All over you face, just cause you like it.

I really despise this one, too, but they’ve got me linkedin to their whole stupid, scammy, privacy invading marketing machine and it seems like a bad idea to take my foot out of the muck.

Not that I use it much, but there’s also a Google+.

The Leg Breaker

Owe me money?  Maybe your just generous.

I’m flattr‘ed