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The Machine | Nexus of Perspectives

One of the defining analytical explosions in my life happened as I wandered by the books at the Goodwill.

An intense binding pattern, deep black, with thick red lettering:

Images of Organization

How intense, and yet generic, I thought.  What is this curiosity?

Flipping through the Table of Contents, I fell in love.

  • The Organization as a Machine
  • The Organization as an Organism
  • The Organization as a Psychic Prison

From competent and analytical, to melt your brain philosophy.

It was destiny.

Sure, I read it plenty, and it’s chock full of factiods, analytics, and deep rationalizations.  Versus gigabytes of occult manifestos, novels, text books, and research papers, I’ve seen no match in the level of condensed wisdom.

The thing is, for all of the reading, and information, and expansive discussion, that first moment, paging through an index, peeking at the outline, that was the moment that shot me forward.  Like a blasted cannon that rung my bell.  Everything else was just looking down from above, explaining with words that I had in my heart, the minute I gazed into the facets of a gem.

The essence of the tome is simple.

There is a spectrum of perspectives on any concept.  That spectrum ranges from the impersonal and mechanistic, to the reactionary and subjective.  Sliding between those perspectives, we can see how each is fallacious in its own way.

I’ve always been a visualizer, haunted by the quest for the perfect metaphor, the perfect diagram, the perfect poetry of expression.  I had been told there was no perfection, and some might call that poetry, but for me, it was too crass.  Now, I could see the beauty.

There is no perfection in expression, without dynamic in perspective.

And tying those shifting views together, from a rational perspective, the most tangible, concrete, discrete layer of it all.

The machine.

Sweet Wizards | JD Emmanuel is alive!

So excited right now.  As you may know, my business is called Jolly Wizard, a delightful title from which I draw on several sources.

One of my personal favorite Wizards, is an album, so titled, by a fellow name JD Emmanuel.

The album was first shared with me by a friend with a mutual passion for the bizarre and the lucid, a magical friend who I consider a fellow wizard for sure, Mr. Christopher Balint, previously of Charlottesville and now casting mischief in Baltimore.

For several years now, I’ve carried the mp3s with me, and called upon the magic of Youtube when my personal supplies were lacking.

Because the album is so old, circa 1982, I never considered that the man might still be making music.  The only other albums I had seen were also from the 80’s, and Wizards is older than I am.

Today, I went looking for a video again, only to discover that JD has a Bandcamp with brand new albums.  Exactly 6 months early for my birthday.  Score!  And on Chris’s no less.  Turns out I’m not the only one who didn’t know where Mr. Emmanuel’s been hiding.

How fortuitous, indeed.

With jams like:

And, of course, old faithful:

Check out the man.  Dig the man.

JD Emanuel on Bandcamp

Two thumbs way up!