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Code Project | csr-tools

So I’ve been working on my dual websites, business and pleasure.  In the process, I had to use my skills of research and development to stop having to go through so much crap to get them secured properly.

In the process, I developed some decent bash scripts, learned how to install them the Linux way, and now I have a kind of product, almost. !wow!

So I took the time to publish them, for the benefit of the world and my ego.

Check it out: csr-tools


I learned how brutally dysfunctional and confusing the SSL process could be when I was working on alveare.org (which is a project I’m participating in and I set up the website for).

Things were all kosher in OpenShift with my easy-bake WordPress server.  Menus were evolving, forums were getting set up.  It was hunky dory glory for sure-y.

Then I bought the domain, and got slapped in the face with the browser screen of: Everything will die, run!

I hadn’t really thought about how the SSL certificate is tied to the domain you see, rather than the server, so I had to go and get one.  Easy peasy, I figured.


I shopped around and bought some discount certs from a big name, Comodo. I figured it would all be gravy.  You know how it is: big boys + big boys = fancy toys with no noise.


The gift of WTF just kept on giving.

All of the documentation everywhere is half baked and confusing, but simple, but different, and missing conceptual information.  Such a hassle.  Even when I did it right, I wasn’t sure.  There are warnings at every stage, and I had like 10 bucks on the line, you know what I’m saying.  Very stressful.

But I got it done, and I hosted my personal sites the same way, so the process was the same, and I was doing all of this cutting and pasting.  It really wasn’t a lot overall, but you know… the world shouldn’t be like this, it’s like frickin’ Brazil or something.

So I worked on scripts while I was putting up JollyWizard.net, but they weren’t quite done.  When it came to go real domain on this guy, it was time to put up or shut up.

Guess which one I did?

  • Jolly Wizard, Baby!